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Aug 6 / Nick Fassler

By Nick Fassler, Google

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Nick drinking a cold one


After a two year hiatus since my last full blog post (about pizza of course), I’m finally back at it. I’ve officially moved my blog from to (don’t worry, I’m still green), and I plan to blog here more regularly.

As most of you know, my hiatus coincided with the launch of my startup Thrively (a web tool for radically simple employee feedback). I’ve since shut down the service but I’ve reposted a couple of my blog posts: a write-up on the culture of feedback at XPLANE, a Portland-based design firm; and the Thrively post-mortem about my experience launching and then closing Thrively.

With the relaunch, I’ve also added a few features to my blog sidebar (☞): a blog-to-email signup form, a list of top posts (including my post on design thinking and storyboarding which has taken on a life of its own thanks to Google image search), and a better Twitter widget.

Let me know what you think, your comments are always welcome!

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