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Nick Fassler

Hello, I’m Nick Fassler. Welcome to my blog.

Here’s a little bit about me: I’m a product manager at Yammer and failed startup founder, after many years working as an online marketing consultant with established nonprofits and growing startups. I also helped launch an organization dedicated to workplace culture, serve on the steering committee for, and advise a handful of startups on user growth. When I’m not doing all of that, I’m likely packing on the pounds enjoying things made of wheat (eating pizza, baking whole grain bread, or drinking belgian beer); and trying to keep them off by falling of my skateboard here or signing up for a half-marathon (despite never running more than 3 miles in my life).  I’ve got a very expensive MBA/MS dual degree from the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute of Global Sustainable Enterprise, and a slightly less expensive undergraduate degree from Rutgers.

To connect with me: click one of my social media icons (☝), play around with my Twitter widget (☞), or send me a note from my contact page.