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Up until recently, this page lived at /consulting. I’m not currently taking on consulting clients but I’m happy to provide advice and mentoring. Consider this your invitation to reach out to me. Connect with me on Twitter at @nickfassler or schedule a call through WiseWords.

Can I help your startup or nonprofit? Or help you with a career transition?

About me and my experience:

  • I’m product manager at Yammer. I’ve helped us build a new iOS app, rethink the algorithm for our feed, and integrate with the rest of Microsoft Office. And I don’t have an engineering background.
  • I built (and shut down) a startup focused on employee feedback and have advised numerous startups and growing companies (including, Thoughtbot, Modify Watches, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on product and growth for companies from pre-product/market fit to “crossing the chasm”.
  • I’ve ran millions of dollars in online marketing campaigns (Google Ads, SEO, email, etc) for lots of amazing nonprofits and socially-responsible businesses: Oxfam America, Ben & Jerry’s,, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, The Wilderness Society, and lots of others causes that you should probably donate to right now.
  • I have an MBA and sustainability dual-degree from the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute, and a BS in Marketing from Rutgers (with an undeclared minor in leftist political philosophy).
  • I get geeked on workplace culture and helped found Culture Lab x.
  • I’m a trained career coach and advisor. I’ve reviewed countless resumes, ran mock interviews, and coached MBAs and undergrads through career transitions.

Besides what you’ll find on my resume, here are some of the organizations I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

thoughtbot-logo Gun by Gun
Planned Parenthood Modify Watches